The web has an ephemeral character. Websites are here today and gone tomorrow - to data nirvana. According to DER SPIEGEL (26/2018 "Vergessene Generation") the average lifetime of a website is about 100 days before it is either altered or deleted. We'd like to establish some idea of stability in this floating world, and history telling can do that. Call it a Netpressum, because Innettum sounds a lot worse.

We are more than 28 years on the web now - and counting.

First release: August 1995 as the very first website of an architect's office in Switzerland ("Internet? What TF IS this??"). It was a time the SonntagsZeitung was able to list all Swiss websites on just a couple of tabloid sized newspaper pages. There were only 23'500 sites online worldwide. This self-programmed baby was a plain html-version with anchors. It featured a guestbook - and a web hit counter! (ever came across such a thing in the last dozen years or so?) Don't believe it? Check out the wayback machine (http://web.archive.org), and enter the URL mentioned below. It will take you back to 1999, at least. Apart from the hard drive backups, we still got a couple of floppies of the first edition - but there's no drive left. Actually, we submitted those as our entry when we were asked to join the BSA. These guys were used to ponder over pig leather-bound glossy-printed streamline portfolios (thank you Tom W. for this inspiring heading ... and sorry for the, albeit intended, misquoting) and were therefore not amused.

June 1998: Mayor redesign, frames added

October 1999: Got own domain name. The original, rather awkward URL was "www.access.ch/private-users/mjauch"

January 2002: Migrated hosting from access.ch (diax / sunrise respectively) to green.ch

January 2004: Complete redesign by 3DAtelier Michel Wüest, including flash animations

May 2006: Migrated hosting to nexlink (Linux Server)

July 2015: Almost 20 years since its first appearance we had the website revamped by MESCH (www.mesch.ch) along with our CI. It is both flash-free and responsive. Thanks to Christian and Michi the Radio guy! Migrated hosting back to green.ch.

September 2018: Added https-authentication.

Simultaneously with the world wide Covid-19 crisis, the website was attacked by one of those omnipresent assholes on the net and got infected with a link to a phishing site. Nice. Migrated hosting away from green.ch.

Latest update: March 14th, 2024

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